Important EI360 Assessment Information

The EI360™ is a web-enabled, multi-evaluator tool that offers a powerful way to assess individual strengths and developmental needs in the core competencies of EQ. The purpose of the assessment is to enable the participant to receive honest feedback (due to the anonymity of the evaluators) that will provide them with a powerful place to open dialog and begin their developmental journey.

The Process:

1. Complete and return EI360 submission Form for to IHHP Client Experience Manager

2. Subjects receive e-mail notification from [email protected]

a. EI360 assessments must be completed 1 week prior to first day of program to allow IHHP time to run reports and time for you the Client to print reports and place them in envelopes labelled confidential with participant’s name. 

b. It is imperative that subject’s login and set up evaluators upon receipt of notification. 

c. A minimum of [8] evaluators must be assigned and one must be a manager. A maximum of [16] evaluators are allowed. 

3. Subject completes self-assessment through EI360 system

a. Note: a report cannot be generated without a self-assessment completed 

4. Evaluators receive automated notification from EI360 system as soon as participant assigns them.

a. Note: evaluators are informed through the notification that their feedback is anonymous. It is important they understand this in order to ensure and support the integrity of feedback and the development of the subjects. 

b. Reminder notifications are automatically sent from system 1 week prior to program closing to subjects and evaluators with incomplete tasks. Client admin and Subjects are able to send their own reminders from their portal. 

5. EI360 Session is closed on the date you the Client has specified on the EI360 Submission Form and reports are run the following day and emailed to the contact you have requested on the submission form. This person is to print and delivered to facilitator the morning of the program in sealed envelopes. 

Important Things to Note: 

Client Role: 

  • Ensure your subjects understand the importance of getting their evaluators to participate prior to the program within the timeframes specified with your program. 
  • Provide completed EI360 Submission form with all required information. 
  • Specified logistics contact will be given a login to the EI360 to manage that the subjects and their evaluators are completing the EI360 prior to the EI360 deadline. This is extremely important to having a successful EI360 program. 
  • Please ensure your subjects understand they will have no access to the EI360 system after the assessment closes so they should make note of who they assign as their evaluators prior to the deadline. 
  • Once reports have been run your IHHP Client Experience Manager will email you or specified contact the reports to be printed and delivered to subjects as specified in the EI360 policy below.  Please review IHHP’s EI360 Policy. 

IHHP Client Experience Manager Role 

  • Provide Informative EI360 Communication to specified client contact to provide to participants prior to the start of the EI360. 
  • Provide specified client contact login access to EI360 platform and direction on navigating the platform to manage progress of participants. 
  • Received EI360 submission for and set up EI360. 
  • Provide Technical support to client admin, participants and evaluators as needed. 
  • Run reports and email or file share them with specified contact on order form.