EI360: IHHP Corporate Policy

IHHP EI360 Policy

Once the list of participants/subjects for the EI360 assessment program has been provided to IHHP by the client contact, charges are applicable for the following changes:

Removing a Participant/Subject from the EI360 Assessment

  • If the participant/subject has already started the assessment, removal will result in the forfeiture of a prepurchased license or a fee of $250.

Extending an Assessment Deadline

  • An extension must be requested prior to the assessment deadline.
  • IHHP will extend the deadline without penalty only once per program.
  • An administrative fee of $100 will be charged for any additional extensions.

Re-opening an Assessment

  • To reopen the assessment, under the condition that the EI360 reports have not been distributed to the participants/subjects, will result in a $100 system reopening fee.
  • To maintain confidentiality, IHHP is unable to reopen an assessment once the EI360 reports have been distributed to the participants/subjects.

EI360 Reports

  • IHHP is unable to provide a report for a participant/subject who has not completed their self-assessment and/or who has received less than 50% evaluator completed feedback.
  • An electronic copy of each participant/subject’s EI360 report is provided to the client contact for the sole purpose of having the reports printed and placed in sealed envelopes labeled with the participant/subject’s name and the phrase “Private and Confidential”. IHHP’s confidentiality policy requires that the client contact in no way review or share the reports with anyone for any reason. Once printed, the client contact is required to delete all copies of the EI360 reports.
  • An electronic copy of the EI360 report is not to be shared with a participant/subject prior to the program. If after the program, a participant/subject requests an electronic copy of their EI360 report, the request must be made to IHHP through the client contact. An electronic copy of the EI360 report cannot be provided to a participant/subject who fails to attend the program.
  • If a client requests an EI360 report that is older than 1 month, a $100 fee will be charged to generate the report, as IHHP does not keep copies of participant reports.
  • IHHP does not refund the EI360 assessment fee if a participant/subject does not or is unable to attend the program

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