original publication: BBC.com
Original publication date: December 8, 2015

When Cheryl Bachelder took over as president of fast food giant KFC in 2001, she had reached the job that had been her life’s goal.
Within three years, after what she described as 14 months of “terrible” revenue numbers, Bachelder found herself unemployed for the first time in her career. She had been fired.
“At that moment, you’re really mad and you’re looking for people to blame,” Bachelder recalled. “There was a point where I really dwelled on it.”
Bachelder went into consulting. She spent more time with her kids. She served on the boards of major companies, including KFC’s biggest rival, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. And, more than anything, she figured out that she shouldn’t be looking for other people to blame for her firing.


If you’re a manager grappling with rejection, the message is clear: someday you’ll be stronger for it.

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