Build the foundational skills of emotional intelligence

Understanding that people are facing new challenges and less time, IHHP developed a 2-hour live online program that brings the very essential parts of IHHP’s world-class Emotional Intelligence training to participants in a powerful live online format so every one can show up at their best, even in difficult times.

In this program you will learn how to become more aware of your emotions and apply a quick strategy to help you manage them when you experience moments of uncertainty and stress.

Using a blended learning approach, key foundational concepts are introduced as prep work covering the science of emotions on our self-paced online platform. The core program is delivered in our highly interactive, two-hour, live facilitated session focused on learning the skills of how to recognize your own emotions and effectively manage them.


At the end of this program, participants will be able to: 

  • Identify your own emotional triggers
  • Recognize your physical responses to your triggers and your default behaviors
  • Learn a tool to apply a new behavior to get another specific result
  • Have a plan to re-engage your thinking mind, so that you can be calmer,navigate change,collaborate and innovate more effectively

Who would benefit from this program

Everyone – this program helps individuals in their professional, social and home life.

How do I take this course

Live Online
1 – 2 hour module delivered on Zoom

This course was well presented and very informative. I highly recommend it to anyone who has to interact with other human beings…….basically everyone should take this course. 🙂

P. Markle

Great introduction to EI supported by an application of knowledge into a useful tool that can be practiced.

K. McDermaid

Excellent program — I’d highly recommend it to anyone that wants to improve both their professional and personal relationship skills.

M. Gilland

Really well executed course. Engaging, informative, interesting and practical! Thanks for a great effort.


Excellent program! Well-timed to provide a little relief in this and other stressful situations. I would recommend it to everyone!!


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Why Choose This Program?

Flexible Learning

One 2-hour live online module + 20 minutes of pre-work on our self-paced online platform can easily fit into any schedule allowing participants to balance training with their work and personal priorities.

Highly Engaging

A mix of facilitator-led discussions, individual worksheets, chat, on-screen annotation, polls, and small breakout groups, provides a rich and engaging learning experience.

Immediate & Actionable

People need skills they can apply now. Participants will leave the program with tools that are practical and relevant to them immediately.

Earn Continuing Education Credits

IHHP is a trusted and high-quality provider of Emotional Intelligence training. Our programs are approved for recertification credits with:

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