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Self-awareness is the foundation of our training and coaching programs that help you learn how to perform under pressure, develop your emotional intelligence and have effective difficult conversations.    Are you aware of the impact you have on others when you are under pressure?  Are you managing your emotions well during challenging situations? Are you able to do your best when it matters most?

The most effective way to measure you self-awareness is through 360 assessment, where you compare your rating of yourself to that of others around you – your peers, direct reports, manager, and even friends and family.   Our EI360 assessment is a powerful tool for you own personal development.  Alas, it’s not free.

As a way to begin, IHHP has developed these two self-assessments to help think about how you are showing up when the pressure is on:


Free Emotional Intelligence Quiz:

EQ Quiz

 Free Performing Under Pressure Quiz:

performing under pressure quiz


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