Introducing our Executive Team

They say those who can’t do, should teach. We whole heartedly disagree. So here’s our leadership team who not only help us set our direction as a company, but they truly try every day to embody all that we teach about human potential. (They don’t always succeed but we’re proud of them for trying!)

Tomer Strolight, President

Tomer Strolight comes to the IHHP with over 20 years experience as one of Canada’s most seasoned and successful digital media executives. He has extensive experience and a proven track record of identifying high growth opportunities and leading teams to success in those areas. He has worked with many entrepreneurs and executives in those areas to take them to leadership positions versus global competitors.

Prior to joining the IHHP, Tomer had been president of Torstar Digital where he played an instrumental role in the creation and growth of its portfolio of ventures. He has also spent time as Chief Technology Officer of, Managing Director of Corporate Development at Torstar Corporation, and Executive Vice President at Square Victoria Digital Properties as well as having served on several boards of directors.

Tomer’s passion for understanding the science behind exceptional leadership and the practice of it has been a continuing pursuit of his for over 20 years. It is this that has brought him to the IHHP to further his knowledge of the subject and share his experiences about it with us.

Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry, Partner and Co-Founder

In 1998, JP and Elizabeth Pawliw-Fry decided to leave their previous academic and clinical careers and start IHHP. While the first few years were difficult as they focused on putting together some of the early research, training and coaching programs, today they are proud of what the IHHP team has accomplished. Now JP spends most of his time spreading our message of human potential through keynotes and consulting and the rest of the time partnering with researchers to explore new areas of potential. To learn more, click here.

Bill Benjamin, Partner

Bill had been a friend and client of IHHP for many years, and he liked the company so much he not only joined it, but he became a partner over 20 years ago. It was his strength in sales that helped to catapult IHHP to where it is today.

Bill has a degree in Mathematics with a major in Computer Science, and is the guy we always need to “prove the facts” to in our research into human potential! (i.e., “I’m not bringing this to my clients, if you can’t prove it will help them!”) Today, besides working closely with key clients and our team of Leadership Consultants, Bill also spends his time spreading our message through keynotes and facilitation. To learn more, click here.

Dr. Cranla Warren, Vice President of Leadership Development

Cranla joined the Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP) in December 2009, first contributing as Director of Learning Solutions and now as Vice President of Leadership Development. As a lifelong student of human behaviour, an individual/family therapist turned organizational psychologist, Cranla believes that a strong foundation of Emotional Intelligence (EI) builds great leaders, fosters employee engagement and creates great places to work. She has a wealth of knowledge and professional experience in the areas of team-building, leadership development, coaching, and strategic business execution. Cranla holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology and a Professional Post-Graduate Certificate in Leadership.

Prior to joining our team, Cranla worked at Eli Lilly Canada Inc., where she honed her strategic business skills and leadership capabilities in their Continuing Medical Education and Sales divisions. She also has 10 years of experience working in the healthcare sector. Cranla is an accomplished leader, coach and mentor and understands the needs of our clients across all sectors in her support of helping them to “show up”, lead, and drive results. Cranla believes that success is defined by an ability to truly listen, connect, and collaborate; it all starts with aligning your intention with your impact.

Sandra Rayner, Vice President of Marketing and Product

Sandra came to IHHP with over 20 years of experience creating and implementing strategies that drive value for the customer, employees and all stakeholders, She is passionate about driving a data driven marketing culture that thrives on innovation, agility and performance. Sandra’s passion for implementing Emotional Intelligence in the workplace brought her to The Institute for Health and Human Potential in 2016 where she currently leads the marketing and product teams.

Sandra’s prior marketing and product experience include roles at large global companies as well as entrepreneurial organization as well as running her own consulting practice which included one of her favourite gigs as business consultant on CBC’s Dragon’s Den.