Excellent OrgEQ

Your organization has an excellent score! Your organization is knocking it out of the park and you are well prepared for the future.

Organizations in this range have a commitment to having the employee engagement, agility, and leadership competencies required in the fourth industrial revolution and the ability to make sure that these competencies are strong across all functions, departments, and all levels of the organization. At this point, it might be a good idea to have other individuals in your organization take this OrgEQ quiz and make sure that there is alignment in the perspective of how your organization is performing.

Even with all this work, there still may be an opportunity to improve the level of courageous conversations and risk-taking that will catapult the organization to the next level. You also need to ensure that your employees have the tools and strategies to sustain this level of agility, innovation, and leadership.

To sustain this level of skill, the importance of Emotional Intelligence needs to be embraced across the whole organization. Like any real transformative change, it will need to start at the top. To successful, the key competencies of Emotional Intelligence need to be incorporated into an organization’s values, its culture, and common language.

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