Emotional Intelligence for HR and L&D Professionals

Exclusive Live Online Program

February 25 – 27, 2020

This program is valid for 6 PDCs for the SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®

This program has been pre-approved for CPD hours with the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA)

Go beyond Emotional Intelligence basics and get the critical insights you need to lead your organization into the future workplace.

Now is the time to invest in Emotional Intelligence:

Technology is rapidly advancing, making human skills and connection among employees imperative.

With the makeup of organizations changing to include more remote, geographically dispersed, multigenerational, and culturally diverse teams, people need to know how to collaborate effectively. 

Constant change and disruption will make it more challenging to stay productive and innovate. With shifting priorities and demands, your people will need a way to avoid burnout, manage stress, and resolve conflicts.

Content Specifically Tailored to You

We’ve expanded our flagship program to feature stories, examples, and discussions that are specific to your role, so you can start applying the learning in your day-to-day work.

You’ll connect and brainstorm with people in your role who are facing the same challenges.

We’ve included a unique follow-up session, designed to help you bring EI into your organization.

Reinforce your learning with our 8-week Digital Coach program.

Why Invest in “Soft Skills” Like EI?

The World Economic Forum, LinkedIn, and McKinsey Global Institute have predicted that the demand for skills like EI, adaptability, and creativity will rise to the top.

With the World Health Organization recognizing burnout as an occupational phenomenon, social skills that can mitigate workplace stress and improve work/life balance will be critical.

According to SHRM, employers are already facing a growing skills gap, with empathy, critical thinking, and communication seen as lacking among job candidates.

Master the Strategies That Will Transform Your Recruitment, Talent Development, and Retention.

A Live Online Program Like No Other

Our blended approach to learning combines pre-work, program materials, and homework assignments in our Learning Management System (LMS) and three live online video meetings for a true collaborative group experience.

No travel and accommodation necessary. Just two hours of training a day that easily fit into your schedule so you can stay committed to your work and personal life.

The variety of interactive tools, exercises, and opportunities to discuss and share with each other are designed to help you learn in a fun, collaborative way. You’ll deepen your learning by working together on real-life experiences and personal strategies.

Participants build lasting connections with their facilitator and cohorts – many even stay in touch after the program has finished!

This program was very engaging and very interactive.  It  was all very professional and when you’re dealing with emotions, there’s a connection with the people. I love that; it worked really well for me. It  felt like everybody else did, too. I feel like our class should have a reunion! After the class I felt very motivated and excited about what I learned.

J. Leach

Director for Critical Care Services

The breakout groups worked out really well. I was impressed by the Zoom platform to accommodate fully functional breakouts. Overall, the program felt really fluid and synergistic, even though we were all in different locations.  The participants were engaged, and it was great to have a host monitoring the chats.

Marcie Stern

Leadership Development Professional; Adjunct Faculty Member, Lake Forest Graduate School of Management

Strong Emotional Intelligence Helps You and Your Team Perform Better

Collaborate Better

Perform Better Under Pressure

Identify Triggers

Break Down Silos

Manage Change With Ease

Increase Engagement

Have Skillful Conversations

Build a Common Language

Strengthen Leadership

What You’ll Learn in Each Module

Module 1: Self-Awareness

In this module you will learn why Emotional Intelligence is a key driver of success – both professionally and personally. You will build your self-awareness by understanding the brain science of emotions and you’ll be able to describe how your amygdala becomes hijacked. You will learn to identify your triggers and default behaviors under pressure, and how that impacts your decision-making, cognitive ability and behavior.

Module 2: Managing Emotions Under Pressure

In this module you will learn how to manage your emotions more skillfully when there is tension, conflict and pressure. You will learn the S.O.S.S. strategy, which IHHP co-developed with the U.S. Navy, and participate in activities to help you develop your own S.O.S.S. strategy. You will learn how to recognize when you are under pressure, so that you can apply the strategy, and show up at your best when it matters most.

Module 3: Emotional Connection

In this module you will learn what it means to truly connect to the emotions that drive the behavior of others. You will understand how to connect to their perspective, and learn how to help them manage their own emotions in high stake situations by applying strategies that re-engage the prefrontal cortex. These strategies will help you build inclusive and agile teams, and get the best performance from the people you lead – at work and at home!

Meet Your Facilitator

This program will be led by Jennifer Krueger, a distinguished certified trainer with over 20 years of experience in adult learning and facilitation. She’s a member of the Institute for Performance and Learning and has trained for clients including KPMG, Unilever, and Ontario Power Generation. She excels at using real-life examples, experience and humor to clarify the “So what?” to the learner.

Two Great Bonuses Included

For this special session we’re including our Extended Learning Experience for no additional cost (a $100 value)! 

IHHP’s Digital Coach

Interact via text messaging with IHHP’s Digital Coach, Coach Chris every Tuesday and Thursday morning for a period of 8 weeks.  Each interaction will engage you by providing new tips, reminders and short activities, challenging you on the EI Skills you learned.

Special Follow-Up Session: How to Get Buy-In on EI

One of the biggest challenges in increasing the Emotional Intelligence of your organization is getting buy-in from senior leadership.

We developed a complimentary follow-up session so you can get all of your questions answered. Join our Leadership Consultants and a special guest for an interactive discussion in which they will share tips, tools, and best practices for successfully bringing the skills of Emotional Intelligence into your organization.

Take the first step towards closing the skills gap, breaking down silos, and building a shared language for collaboration and engagement in your organization. 

Register for this special live online program for HR and L&D professionals today! 

Feb 25, 26 & 27, 2020

9 – 11 am EST Each Day

Space is limited

This Program Is Right for You If You Are Responsible For:

  • Evaluating and recommending employee training programs
  • Developing leadership skills and capabilities within your organization
  • Hiring and retaining top talent
  • Coaching employees through navigating change and difficult relationships

From the perspective of a learning professional, it adds an additional layer to the way I currently speak about emotional intelligence. The metaphors (such as the bridge) that were used during the course were very useful, and the tools were very practical, in terms of how it feels – from an emotional standpoint – how does it feel in your body. I think it’s really helpful, from that perspective, to really dig deeper into emotional intelligence. Overall, I would recommend to people; definitely.  I think it’s inherently practical.

V. Chartrand

Senior Learning Professional

In the age of digital transforamtion, there is no doubt everyone will need skills in agility, collaboration, and empathy. Take your career and your team to the next level with this empowering program.

About IHHP

For over 20 years, the Institute for Health and Human Potential and trainers certified by us have been delivering our course in Emotional Intelligence to audiences around the world.  Thousands of people have taken our course and have been applying its brain-science based insights and tools to become exceptional contributors in their organization. 

Our expertise is in translating the neuroscience behind Emotional Intelligence so it is easy to understand and apply.  The straightforward skills taught and practiced in our course are proven and used daily by our many Fortune 500 clients well as numerous government and not-for-profit organizations with whom we partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I need to attend the program?

To make sure you have the best experience in our live online training, ensure you have access to the following:

Similar to our classroom experience, you will be expected to participate and will be called on regularly.

Do I need to be on camera?

Yes. To get the most impact, you will be expected to participate actively in the program. Don’t worry, we have made sure the experience is comfortable for even the staunchest introverts. To have the best experience, we do ask that you are on camera and have access to a microphone (computer or headset) throughout the program.

What if I’m not comfortable with an interactive program?

Rest assured, we’ve designed the program in a way that feels safe and comfortable for everyone. While we do ask that you enable your video and audio capabilities, you will also have ample opportunity to interact via chat, screen annotation, polls, and in small breakout rooms. There are multiple ways to engage with the content in a way that suits you.

What if I’m not comfortable with technology (or I’m not familiar with the technology used)?

This program features tools that are accessible and user-friendly for everyone, regardless of how tech-savvy you are. We also make sure to communicate with each learner prior to, during, and after the program so that we can answer any questions and help you troubleshoot any technical difficulties.

Will I get a certificate when I've completed the program?

Yes! You will get a certificate automatically upon completion of the program. If you are a member of SHRM or HRPA, you will receive information about the credits you earned as well.

Is a live online program effective for soft skills training?

Yes! In an increasingly digital world, it is important to practice connecting with others online. This program caters to each person’s learning style and allows learners to apply the core concepts flexibly. Not to mention live online is the best way to get people with all kinds of experience together in a collaborative session.

This program has participants raving – But don’t just believe us,

check out what a recent participant had to say about our live online program.

Virtual Delivery 

“This program was packaged (2 hours over 3 days) just right for a person like me who’s really busy in a big company with a million things to do.  Two hours a day allows you to immerse yourself in the learning and balance your work and family priorities.”

“I really enjoyed the virtual program as it was very different. There was a personal touch, where the facilitator and participants are willing to get in front of the camera, because of that, when you’re actually in it you get that sense that you can do it. You’re committed to the other participants; they’ve seen your face. It helps people stay in the game. The facilitator was excellent and was able to keep people engaged and feeling they were in this together.”

Who should take this program? 

“What I love about it, is that it is a good fit for a number of different size organizations and types of organizations. Anyone and everyone could benefit from this program. This program would be a steal for any professional who wanted to invest in themselves and develop the skill of emotional intelligence. The virtual delivery format would suit anyone in an organization. Where the rubber really meets the road would be mid level managers, those who engage with people every day.”

The Science of Emotional Intelligence 

The program goes deep enough into the concepts where individuals or teams can grasp the emotional intelligence skills that they need to show up to be their best selves. This is a program that I can absolutely see bringing behaviour change  – change that comes from within. With all of the changes going on now in areas like IT, emotional intelligence may be the best tool to have in your toolbox at this time.” 

– A. Gayle Treece, IT Organization Change Management

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