Transform your organization

Training for Your Organization

For over 20 years, IHHP has partnered with organizations to deliver programs that are based on the most current scientific research about emotions and how they impact people’s capacity to think and to get effective results from themselves and others.

Our learner experiences are effective in building and sustaining the core competencies of the skill of EI (self awareness, emotional management and connection). We synthesize the benefits of assessments, training, coaching and keynotes to design programs that meet the learning needs of every team member from the executive leaders to the frontline team.

Our programs are delivered blending traditional classroom with cutting edge learning technology to ensure learning solutions to meet the learner where they are and are delivered in a way that is cost-effective, convenient and scalable.

Drive Real Behavior Change

When delivered across a team or an organization, our clients experience a significant behavior change that is supported by a common language. This behavior change leads to teams that are more open and trusting, and therefore more collaborative, innovative and focused on driving results.

Training on Your Terms

We deliver our programs in several formats that meet the needs of both our partners and our learners. Our digital learning experience includes live online facilitated training and on demand learning that provide the flexibility, convenience and scalability required while delivering a highly engaging learning experience.

Flexibility With Multiple Training Options

Live Online Facilitated Learning

IHHP’s live online facilitated EI program brings the convenience of on-demand training with the connection of classroom. It is ideal for organizations who want their employees to develop a foundational understanding of Emotional Intelligence within a highly interactive, accessible, convenient and cost-effective learning experience.

Teaching the same world-class content covered in our classroom-delivered program, our live online program delivers the best aspects of traditional classroom training while using interactive technology to create an experience that reinforces the learning.

Our program provides high-impact learning without disrupting productivity, allowing learners to access training anywhere — while saving their time and the company’s training budget. This format manages the challenges organizations face in bringing training to geographically dispersed teams, remote workforces, and balances training needs with competing priorities.

The live online facilitated Science of Emotional Intelligence program drives real behavior change by providing participants with the knowledge and tools to manage their emotional brain in their most difficult moments.

Classroom Learning

Our classroom training frameworks and supporting material ensure that the learning experience is highly interactive and effective. Our classroom learning experience was developed with the collaboration of subject matter experts, seasoned facilitators and instructional designers.

On Demand Learning

The self-paced delivery format of the Science of Emotional Intelligence program is a completely independent learning experience. The program is hosted online and content is presented in bite-sized pieces. Participants will have access to progress through the course at their own speed and on their own schedule.

The premium self-paced experience adds 2-3 live online facilitated sessions to review and reinforce the learnings introduced in the self-paced curriculum. This premium experience creates a hybrid experience including the flexibility of the self-paced program with the structure and interactivity of a live online facilitated program.

Training Workshops

To create change within your organization requires inspiration and your teams need to transform their thinking. Our training workshops are live and interactive experiences ideal for large teams and company meetings. They are entertaining and highly engaging. Your people will leave the workshop with valuable take-aways and tools that can be used immediately to create a lasting impact throughout the organization.


Learning Reinforcement

We know that learning needs to extend beyond the classroom and that concepts need to be integrated into the flow of work. To provide the appropriate learning support we offer a variety of reinforcement options. Individual coaching, after the program, provides a one to one opportunity for learners to work on the concepts and strategies and apply them more directly to their situation. We also offer a digital coach that provides 8 weeks of concept reinforcement delivered to the learners phone twice a week.


Assessments are important tools in providing insights and feedback to individuals and organizations. The cornerstone of our assessments is our EI360™ which provides a rare chance to get candid, feedback to help an individual build powerful self-awareness around their impact, strengths, and opportunities for development.

Other assessments include our OrgEQ and EQ quiz. These assessments provide individuals and organizations a quick snapshot of the health of the emotional intelligence for themselves and their organization.

Which Format is Right for Your Organization?

Would you like to learn more about how you can bring our science-based training to your organization. Get in touch with one of our experienced Learning Consultants, who will work with you to  determine the best program solutions to meet your organization’s needs.