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An elite athlete doesn’t train by him or herself. He or she depends very heavily on a coach to help them perform under the immense pressure they face. Why should you be any different?



BIO-John Doane-NEW

John Doan, IHHP Lead Coach

John is a professional Executive, Leadership and Team Systems Coach who supports leaders literally all over the world by helping them develop their Emotional Intelligence, to be ‘pressure ready’, build better working relationships and to communicate more constructively.

“John was always able to grab onto a nugget (impactful piece of information) I shared. From there, he tied it back to the work I did, not only in attending the 360 class as a learner, also in ways that would be beneficial for me to share when I am serving as a facilitator. I appreciate John’s listening ability, and willingness to work with me on the “hard” or difficult situations so I would be able to move through those quicker in the future.”

John directs the corporate coaching services and oversees all of IHHP’s Coaching personnel. John brings a unique set of skills and experience from the fields of human development and health care.

In his coaching practice, John works with individuals, teams and groups to enable people to sharpen their leadership and communication skills through intentional, authentic relationships grounded in Emotional Intelligence and using a system-based approach.

As a professional coach, John is a member of the International Coaches Federation and had earned the designations of Organizations Relationship Systems Certified Coach (ORSCC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC). He has served as consulting Executive and Team Coach for the EMBA Program at Western University as well as volunteer faculty for the leadership Waterloo Region Community Leadership Program and associate faculty for The Center for Right Relationship.

Lisa Garber, Coach
Lisa was one of IHHP’s and Canada’s first professional coaches and is known internationally!


“Lisa was amazing in her capacity to connect with me and to bring in the EI 360 to support the work we did. She was empathetic, intuitive and great at clarifying issues and summarizing progress. The greatest quality about Lisa is her way of being direct, to say things as they are and in a way that does not create defensiveness. She provided me with a perspective that allowed me to grow in a very short time, three sessions, in different aspects of my work and my life.”

Lisa has coached individuals and teams throughout her successful career and is valued for her ability to help her clients take their leadership to the next level by applying EQ concepts and strategies has made her a highly sought-after Executive coach.

Lisa’s coaching methods have proven effective in what leaders are looking for: ways to inspire, motivate, manage and succeed.

Lisa also holds a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of Toronto and is a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). She is also a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. (CPCC).


Sharon Lewis, Coach
Sharon helps executives, managers and teams from around the world to sharpen their leadership skills and become high performers.

“Sharon made me feel extremely comfortable opening up about topics that are generally uncomfortable to discuss. Everything worked very well and she was accommodating, always well prepared and it was a pleasure working with her.”

She is accredited through the International Coaches Federation, Team Coaching International and The Leadership Circle. By leveraging the concepts of Emotional Intelligence, Sharon’s results-based coaching style helps leaders learn to face change head-on, communicate more clearly and deal more effectively with challenging situations and people.

Sharon’s extensive business experience – including sectors as diverse as Construction Management, Information Technology, and Team and Leadership Development – makes her invaluable as an executive coach.


Peter Taylor, Coach
Peter works with individuals and organizations committed to fully utilizing their technical capabilities.

“Peter was a fabulous coach! He really helped me to focus on the positive behaviours and how to handle difficult situations. He was engaged and took the time to consider my issues when problem solving and was very empathetic.”

He has coached individuals and teams around the world and discovered that the vast majority of coachees want to become more effective.

Peter’s challenge is to support his clients as they gain competence in their ability to interact even more productively with others. Once they begin to see the impact of incorporating emotional intelligence as their operating system, their confidence grows and they can go on without a coach…

Prior to founding his consulting practice in 1984, Peter gained extensive firsthand experience in manufacturing in Ontario and Quebec. He also led a retail computer training company with twenty-four sites across Ontario. He is a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) and a Certified Training & Development Professional (CTDP).

Isabelle Marin, Bilingual Coach

Isabelle is a Certified Professional and Personal Coach (PPCC) from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada and an active member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

“The coach, Isabelle M. was absolutely fabulous! She was a great listener who challenged me to apply what I had learned on my EI course to real life situations. She offered positive reinforcement and a constructive approach to solving emotional challenges. The three coaching sessions with Isabelle were absolutely rewarding and they changed my life going forward.”

Isabelle est certifiée comme Coach professionnel et personnel agréé (PPCC) de l’Université Concordia à Montréal, au Canada, et membre actif de la Fédération internationale de coaching (ICF).

“La charge de travail était très appropriée et les exercices pertinents. De plus, tous les commentaires de mon coach était personnalisés. Isabelle a une excellente mémoire.”

Isabelle is passionate about inspiring individuals through a co-creative process to maximise their full potential and achieve their goals both personal and professional. She specializes in empowering people who are going through challenging situations, related to change or transition, to find creative solutions and alternatives for sustainable change and growth.

Isabelle se passionne pour inspirer les individus à travers un processus co-créatif pour maximiser leur plein potentiel et atteindre leurs objectifs personnels et professionnels. Elle se spécialise à habiliter les personnes qui traversent des situations difficiles, liées au changement ou à la transition, pour trouver des solutions créatives et des alternatives pour un changement et une croissance durables.

Kim R. Moore, Coach

Kim has been coaching senior level leaders and teams in global companies across multiple industries for over two decades.

“Kim Moore was amazing, excellent! She asked the right questions and concerns, kept me focused and on track. Recommended highly! I have worked with multiple coaches and mentors throughout my career and I am not hesitant to say Kim was the most effective. Especially given the limited interaction and knowledge of me compared to others.”

Building on the science of Emotional Intelligence, she works with clients to deepen awareness, practice strategies and gain confidence when facing unfamiliar choices and situations, all while learning to deal with challenges optimistically.

She is a member of the International Coaches Federation (ICF) and  is a graduate of Coach University’s Core Essentials Program.

Kim harnesses training in Organizational Systems (the Hellenger Institute), and behavioral event interviewing (BEI) to help focus on the essence of a client and their story. She’s worked in the energy, engineering, defense, manufacturing and professional services industries. Kim holds an advanced degree in economics, lives in Texas and thrives on outdoor adventure as a catalyst for performing under pressure.

Kim demonstrates incredible skill in her work, and tremendous grace. I feel so lucky for the time I had with her.”

And There’s More

We do have a number of other affiliated coaches available in order to meet your needs and timelines. Contact your Leadership Consultant today or e-mail us at [email protected]. We’ll be happy to help you find the right coach or facilitator (or more) to meet your needs.