Introducing our Client Services Team

Christie Higho, Director of Client Services & Corporate Programs

Why Contact? If you’re already a client and running internal programs at your corporation, you’ve probably already met Christie and/or someone from her team. And just in case you’ve lost her contact information, here you go…

Contact Christie at [email protected]

Phae Eckhart, Client Relationship Manager

Why Contact? Phae will be the first voice you hear at IHHP when you call us. She will help you navigate through our curriculum to best suit your learning objectives and unique organizational needs. As Manager of our Public Programs, Phae can answer any questions you may have regarding our open enrollment programs.

Connect with Phae at [email protected]

Ann Moore, Keynote Manager / Speaker Bureau Partner

Why Contact? If you’ve recently booked a keynote speaker with us then you’ve probably already met Ann. Ann manages our speaker bureau relations. But just in case you’ve forgotten her details…

Contact Ann at [email protected]