Emotional Intelligence Certification

3 reasons to get certified as an emotional intelligence trainer

1.  Become an emotional intelligence subject matter expert

You will gain a full understanding of the conceptual model that underpins emotional intelligence and leverage that knowledge to develop strategies to increase self-awareness, emotional management and emotional connection. You will also become familiar with our Performing Under Pressure and Emotional Intelligence content, including training modules based on brain science, research, discovery learning and sports psychology.

2.  Drive cultural change in your organizationWUP4

As a trainer you will be armed with the techniques to deliver an interactive, experiential, skill-building workshop using our program materials: workbooks, activity tools, videos and a detailed slide presentation Ideas to personalize and roll out the program internally.  You may elect to be trained on how to interpret the feedback of the EI360[Symbol] assessment tool and use it to help individuals, groups and organizations build development plans. All this will allow you to incorporate and sustain the concepts within your culture.

3.  Expand your portfolio of training expertise

This certification will add one more level of expertise to your training tool kit. It will provide you with a certification in subject matter that is in high demand for many roles, trainings and across various industries.

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