Emotional Intelligence

3 reasons to certify your team member(s)

1. Broaden your learning and development resources

Organizations around the world have embraced IHHP’s Performing Under Pressure and Emotional Intelligence programs to increase leadership, engagement and performance in their organizations. Our certification process is much more than attending a course. Through certification, your facilitators become Enterprise License Trainers (ELTs) and participate in our full onboarding process.

2. Integrate Emotional Intelligence into your corporate culture

Your trainers will be able to deliver the content to more people, are able to make the content even more relevant and applicable to the participants, and are able to integrate the learning as part of their overall learning curriculum, thereby increasing the impact, adoption and sustainability of the programs. The training will deepen organizational effectiveness in skills such as leading through change, increasing engagement, building teamwork, fostering innovation and developing coaching capability.

3. Cost efficient use of learning and development dollars

At a high level we know that investments in improving EI have the potential for dramatically improving the productivity and value of leaders in organizations. See our white paper The Business Case for Emotional Intelligence.

By using your existing training resources you will be able to integrate IHHP’s Performing Under Pressure and Emotional Intelligence curriculum in your culture quickly and in a cost effective manner. It also provides the opportunity to Embed specific tools and models from other learning programs into IHHP’s training materials.

*please note: This certification is designed specifically for corporate trainers. It is not intended for independent consultants. Certification through our ELT program is required to be able to train this program inside your organization.

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