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Emotional Intelligence helps you create a culture of trust, collaboration, and engagement. At IHHP we teach you the skills required to gain trust, retain and empower your employees and remain agile in the workplace of tomorrow.

How EQ Drives Psychological Safety

Cranla Warren, IHHP’s Organizational Psychologist and expert in Emotional Intelligence, recently had the opportunity to sit down with Specialist Khalilah Lyons…

5 Benefits of Expressing Gratitude in the Workplace

This year, it has been easy to focus on the challenges we have faced. In January, it looked like the pandemic was going to be relegated to history and the vaccine would mean our lives would soon look like they did in 2019. It didn't quite work out that way. While many...

DE&I: A Way of Working, Thinking, Being, and Thriving

In this article, Cranla and Khalilah discuss why it is important to have a ‘mindset approach’ to DE&I as opposed to a ‘program approach’.

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