Our story

We started the IHHP 21 years ago because we were driven by the gap we saw between the challenge people in organizations were experiencing in trying to navigate change and the tools they had at their disposal to meet those challenges. They weren’t aware of the latest discoveries in neuroscience and the cutting-edge tools that we were using working with Olympic medal winning athletes, so we felt like we had something very valuable to offer.

This year we launch our new brand tagline at the IHHP: Building Exceptional Leaders. Transforming Organizations.” We are taken by how much our original purpose fits with today’s increasing needs for exceptional leaders and organizational transformation. We continue to take the latest learnings in neuroscience and translate them into useable tools through experiences that teach people the skills to be their best and deliver exceptional results. When delivered broadly within an organization, this plays a critical role in its people being able to adapt it to the changes and challenges it faces.

Whether it is through keynotes, coaching, workshops, classroom training or our new digital offerings (virtual classrooms and self-paced programs), we are heartened when we hear of the impact we are having partnering with organizations to give their people the foundational skills necessary to navigate change, strengthen collaboration, promote innovation and perform under pressure.

We see Building Exceptional Leaders. Transforming Organizations. as more than a tagline. To us, it is a calling, and we believe, an accurate distillation of the difference we want to make in the world.

Thank you for our relationship and we look forward to continuing our partnership with you for many years to come.


JP Pawliw-Fry