Original Publication: CEO World
Original Publication Date: April 21, 2015

Can your high potential leaders handle the pressure of a new position?

Are you doing everything possible to set them up for success? Jon Theuerkauf, a Chicago-based executive, offers a vivid example of what can happen when an individual has not been prepared properly to manage the pressure that’s unique to high potentials.

Jon was working with a leading national wireless provider in Chicago. Having been successful in a number of roles, he was transferred to Atlanta to work on a special project that focused on improving customer service. At the time, his organization was going through huge growth and its customer service was not keeping up with the company’s rapid expansion.

The less-than-stellar customer service was negatively impacting the company’s reputation with its customers. So Jon was brought in to help devise a solution. He had spent only one week in Atlanta when his boss asked to speak with him about his approach.

After such a short time looking into the problem, Jon didn’t really have a good sense yet of what was going on. But he agreed to the briefing.

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