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With fall upon us, many learning and development people will be thinking about how they can impact their organization in a positive way in 2016.    Here are 6 reasons why certifying yourself and/or your facilitators in IHHP’s Performing Under Pressure: The Science of Emotional Intelligence training can have a far-reaching and lasting impact on your organization and its culture:

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6. The proof is in. Many studies definitively demonstrate that having leaders high in Emotional Intelligence competencies significantly impact culture, engagement, performance and an organization’s ability to implement change successfully.   To learn more, read the white paper: The ROI for Emotional Intelligence


5. Make it yours. A key element of the certification process is to apply the learning to your organization’s goals, values and leadership competencies.  In addition, your facilitators will be able to integrate learning, concepts and language from other leadership programs you deliver in order to create a seamless leadership development curriculum.


4. Take it global. Our EI training programs have been delivered by certified facilitators in over 70 countries. Many of those client facilitators are based in their home countries including Japan, Saudi Arabia, Australia, United Kingdom, Egypt, Brazil, India, China and many more. You can also provide our EI training virtually and reach anyone in any time zone without anyone having to travel!


3. Make the most of your budget. It’s much more cost-effective to have your facilitators deliver our training programs – in-class or virtually – allowing you to impact more people and ultimately drive greater behavioral change within your training budget.


2. Keep the momentum going. In addition to our Science of Emotional Intelligence training, we offer certification in all of the programs in our Performing Under Pressure curriculum, providing a path to sustain and grow the learning within your organization.


1. You are better for it. Anyone who delivers our Emotional Intelligence training will tell you, you can’t help but put the insights and strategies into practice in your own life – both personally and professionally.  This author can tell you that he is a better leader, husband and father as a result of both attending and delivering this incredible EI training program.

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