IHHP’s Coaching Process: Helping Leaders Perform Under Pressure
By John Doan and Michael Bell
“Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.”
– William Pollard

Every day at IHHP, we help leaders from around the world perform under pressure so they can effectively lead themselves and others in their most challenging moments. We accomplish this by leveraging cutting edge research into human performance and equipping our clients with practical strategies they can apply when it matters most. Making our clients Pressure Ready today ensures they will become tomorrow’s most capable leaders. A key component of this development is Leadership Coaching.

As Dr. J.P. Pawliw-Fry states, “Everyone needs a coach!”. Why? Well, because without the support, feedback and accountability of a coach, we risk becoming stagnant – we stop growing. J.P. refers to an ancient saying he learned in a Thai monastery that, translated means “little by little, bit by bit”. An experienced coach can be a pivotal partner in supporting us to take the difficult, incremental steps outside of our comfort zone – where true personal growth takes place. IHHP Coaches help their clients develop the confidence, optimism, tenacity and enthusiasm to effectively approach their pressure moments. This is accomplished by building upon the insights and learning our clients receive in our world-class training programs and by supporting them to act upon the feedback received in their EI 360™ Report. Above all, the goals our clients focus upon with their Coach strengthen their capability to thrive in today’s challenging business environment.

As each of our client’s challenges are unique to their set of circumstances, we work with them to apply their learning in their own pressure moments. For some, it may be managing the pressures of change – leading themselves and others through an organizational restructure, merger or downsize. For others it may be having those difficult leadership conversations that have the required impact – delivering challenging feedback, conducting performance reviews or managing “up”. For many, the focus may be upon developing Emotional Intelligence to increase both individual and team performance. Regardless of the application, the customized support of IHHP’s Coaching Program perpetuates the momentum that is created in the classroom; ensuring the participants learning is translated into action. In other words, coaching keeps the developmental momentum channeled toward successful application. Over a pre-determined series of coaching sessions – “little by little, bit by bit” – our clients build their leadership capability. Their coach supports them, challenges them, encourages them and champions them to get to their next level of growth. The result, IHHP’s Coaching Process helps ensure tomorrow’s leaders are pressure ready today.

Michael Bell – Director I.H.H.P. Asia-Pacific Office, Facilitator & Coach.
As IHHP’s Director Asia Pacific, Michael has been delivering our keynotes, workshops and executive coaching to clients from a wide cross-section of industries throughout the region.
John Doan – I.H.H.P. Lead Coach.
John is an Executive, Leadership and Team Systems Coach who supports leaders literally all over the world by helping them develop their Emotional Intelligence, build better working relationships and to communicate more constructively.