At IHHP, we get the distinct pleasure of working with people doing important work in the world. This comes in many different sizes and shapes. One is the manager or leader who creates a workplace environment where his or her direct reports and colleagues have an engaging and meaningful place to work. Where, because of the way the manager or leader shows up, they feel like they have a voice, they feel valued and they feel part of something bigger than themselves.

When I think that the work we do helps managers and leaders develop their Emotional Intelligence in the workplace, I can’t help but think we are the luckiest people in the world to be able to do this work. Given how many hours people put into their jobs over the course of their careers this is no small impact in the world.

Sometimes the people we serve are working in more unique circumstances. A good example is this email  we recently received from Anna Pavey at International Teams – – a charity organization that works with oppressed people around the world:

“One of our leaders serves in a refugee camp in Malawi, so he sees deep conflict every day.  I wanted to share a forum post from him that directly applies to your teaching,

“It was really great to be reminded this week of on what happens during emotional responses, and the importance of the bridges analogy. It is kind of disappointing to realize how much I have forgotten these things in my conversations lately, and how timely this reminder really was. I don’t always find conversation templates to be that helpful, but I really found the one from the last video to be great. Honestly, this will guide me in the future when approaching difficult conversations. I really appreciated the part about thinking about another person’s intention in an action that might have affected me in the wrong way. I really need to do this more often, and I hope to use this even on a daily basis with things that frustrate and anger me in my relationships. I think this really humanizes the other person in a positive way, and makes it more difficult to let the really bitter and angry emotions come up.”

Thank you to IHHP again for your investment in iTeams



So nicely said. I want to say a big thank you to the whole IHHP team and our partners around the world who work so hard every day so that people like Anna and the people she influences can be so powerfully impacted and a little more skillful.