Have you been lucky enough to have someone like Robin as a leader?

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I can only imagine the reputation Robin has built amongst his reports by the way he talks down and lacks trust in their abilities. As a gen Yer myself, this management style would be extremely difficult for me to succeed in and the environment would be toxic for personal growth and continued learning. And those are the main factors I would take into consideration for long term employment with a specific organization. I would feel worthless, scared to present innovative ideas knowing they wouldn’t have a fighting chance to be reviewed seriously by a leader like Robin who is steering the ship.

In today’s workplace we are faced with many generations and cultures working together in a more matrixed environment where we rely on each other to accomplish goals in an efficient, effective manner. Do you really think Robin is allowing his reports to be their best when it matters most? Not at all. Robin has a more than capable direct report, Ramid who is willing to support him in order to meet the needs of a client, only to be shut down. This does not only affect Ramid, it hurts the company’s customer service reputation and in our fast-paced world we live in, that is not acceptable and could ultimately lose a valued client for your organization. And that would all be due to Robin’s poor leadership skills.

At the Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP) we pride ourselves on working together to accomplish our goals. The environment allows each member of our team to be innovative and provides continued learning to allow growth, which ultimately helps us and the company, right?!

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