The team at IHHP is so very grateful for our amazing community. For you! We often don’t realize how wonderful a community we have until we have to ask them for guidance.

In November 2011, we reached out to our community to ask you for input into helping us plan our future here at IHHP. With everyone being so time-starved these days we weren’t sure if we would get enough feedback to really give our community a voice as we headed into our 2012 plan. So our team thought it would be good to at least offer a small contest to incent people to participate. (Reminder: We offered a draw for an iPod Nano for everyone who participated.)

Not only did we have a huge response (way bigger than even the most optimistic amongst us thought we’d get!), but we had a lot of our community tell us they were actually disappointed that we felt we had to offer a contest to do so. In fact, some told me that they felt it was a “marketing gimmick” and just another way to get your e-mail addresses on our list. So they avoided responding. Thankfully, you were willing to tell me this!
Don’t worry. We honored the contest for those of you who did respond. In fact, our winner is…. Willia Cooper from Staples, Inc. in Framingham, MA.
But I would like to clarify our intention (versus the impact we had on many of you). We truly wanted your feedback. Your input! This really wasn’t a marketing gimmick. I believe a company is only as good as its key stakeholders. And you are our key stakeholders. Our champions. As I explained to the team here at IHHP, I will not go into a planning session without the voice of our community (our customers, our friends) at the table. It is like planning in a vacuum. So we reached out to all of you.
And share with us you did! Here’s some of what you told us about your experience with IHHP that we will refer to as we head into our company planning retreat:

  • 51% of you attended a program with us over 2 years ago, and you still want to be part of our community. (Thank you!)
  • 72% of you want access to more “just in time” resources (like e-learning, Virtual Community, job aids, each other!)
  • Over 81% of you said you want more resources to help improve and to remember what you even learned about being your best when it matters most.
  • And many of you have done an amazing job of working on being aware of your impact versus your intention with the relations around you. Well done! And thank you for sharing your stories!

There’s so much more to share and we’ll do that in our upcoming newsletters. We’ll not only share with you more of what you told us, but we’ll also share what plans our team at IHHP have made to ensure you know we’re listening.
So to all of you, we thank you, for being part of our community – whether you’re a new member or someone who has been with us for a long time. And to those of you who gave us the gift of feedback (through the survey, e-mails and phone calls), you’ve given us the greatest gift of all. We will cherish it.

The entire team and family of IHHP thanks you.
From everyone at IHHP, we extend our wishes to you for a season of love and gratitude. Enjoy!