IHHP’s been “Hijacked!” And it all started a few months ago when a cross-functional team at IHHP sat in a meeting to brainstorm creative ways to engage our community and continue to spread the word on the importance of developing emotional intelligence. The team, made up of people from our marketing department, product and instructional design department, client services and corporate, brainstormed and brainstormed and some really creative ideas evolved. One idea came from the youngest member of that team – to create a web TV series – the rest of the team loved it and that’s when “Hijacked” was born.

So what exactly is “Hijacked?” It’s a web TV series that will explore a day in the life of three different fictional characters who all work for the same fictional company, Xylon Inc. This organization, like many of yours, is going through major changes and the culture of the organization has suffered in recent years. Our three main characters – Robin, Michelle, and Graham – have all been invited by Xylon to attend a “Leadership Bootcamp” program to help them improve their emotional intelligence skills and ultimately their leadership skills.

Our three main characters are very human. Every day, every hour of the day we all experience some form of an emotional hijack and our three main characters are no exception. The emotional hijacks may be minor ones, so subtle that we don’t realize we’re even having one. But they are happening all the same and they could be affecting our judgement and behavior with people and situations at any given moment. Emotional intelligence is not anger management. It is being able to recognize even those minor hijacks our brains deliver us, and learning to manage through it. It’s also about learning that others are experiencing similar emotional hijacks at different times and helping them manage through it.

So back to our series. The “day in the life” of each of these characters takes place prior to their Leadership Bootcamp training. We’ll get to meet each of our characters and watch that day unfold over four months of three minute episodes for each. After each mini-series an episode airs on our YouTube channel – IHHPTV– our IHHP panel of thought leaders will review that month’s “hijacking” and explore ways that character could have handled things differently.

Let’s meet our characters.

Robin (Begins airing on September 5th)

Robin is an IT Manager at Xylon. He is very technically talented and extremely intelligent. Unfortunately Robin is not emotionally intelligent and our series will uncover the stress and damage that has on his team, his family and himself. He’s a little high strung. He’s very self-important. And he’s a real pleasure to work for. (Not!)

Michelle (Airing January 2013)

Michelle is an up and comer at Xylon. She’s been with the company for a few years and has recently been made manager. She’s experiencing the “first-time manager” woes and it’s even harder because she’s managing people who used to be her peers. The super intelligent and overly ambitious Michelle hadn’t realized that to make it to the top, she had to manage some people along the way. Those people are walking all over her and dreams of moving up the corporate ladder are slipping away.

Graham (Airing May 2013)

Once considered a god at Xylon, Graham was one of the first ten people hired in this now over 15,000 person global entity. He’s been through it all. He was there when the company started and has been through the growth, all the good times and all the bad. Somewhere along the way, however, he became part of the “ol boy’s club.” Xylon has changed around him and he doesn’t know how to keep up. More and more he reverts to his old style of management because command and control used to work for him.

The Aftershow!

After each mini-series airs, our esteemed panel of thought leaders will be reviewing the recently aired episodes and exploring the nuances each character’s minor and major emotional hijacks had on themselves and those around them. Our panel includes our very own Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry, Bill Benjamin, Lisa Garber, and our host Sara Ross.

We’re obviously very excited about this new series. We hope you like it and look forward to your feedback and responses throughout the 12-episode yearlong series. Let us know if you can relate to any of our characters and/or you know someone just like them.

Oh, and if you find yourself enjoying the series, we’ll ask you to pass it along to a friend or two. Yes, we’re openly asking you to help “Hijacked” go viral. But only if you like it!


Click here to watch the HIJACKED promo video!