IHHP launches Emotional Intelligence Version 14! Empower Your Trainers to Impact Your Culture

The Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP) is excited to announce the roll out of the newly enhanced version of our world-renowned and award winning Emotional Intelligence (EI) program. Over the past couple of years we have asked how we could best support our certified trainers in powerfully delivering our EI program to their organizations.  Our clients including Allstate, Intel and Pfizer have told us that our EI program creates a powerful and rich learning experience for their leaders. This is our opportunity to let you know that we have listened.  Our goal for Version 14 of the enhanced program is to make it even easier for your internally certified trainers to create a deep learning experience, allowing you to bring Emotional Intelligence training to your leaders in a more cost-effective way.

Through an enhanced certification design and process, we’ve simplified what is required by your certified Enterprise License Trainers (ELTs) to deliver our Emotional Intelligence program with the same degree of depth and richness as IHHP’s own facilitators, allowing them to drive real behavior and culture change in your organization.  Some of the improvements we have made to enable certified trainers to deliver a more powerful learning experience include:

  • Updated the look and feel of the main PowerPoint and workbook template to provide much more relevant and impactful graphics to support the key learning points. (No more “purple faces” for those who’ve been with us a while!)
  • Increased the depth and versatility of our Facilitator Guide to provide specific points in the program where your trainers incorporate stories that will solidify the application for the learner and the specific needs of your organization.  Examples include stories of how an EI technique would be used to roll out change more effectively or help a leader have more influence with a senior team member.  Additionally we have provided in-depth supplementary information on the content, instruction of the exercises, the exercise debriefs, and explicit connections to the business ROI of emotional intelligence training.
  • Built a specific workbook for our EI360 assessment that provides a more in-depth, yet simpler flow for helping participants interpret their 360 feedback, and more importantly, determine what action(s) they are going to take to improve in their developmental areas.
  • Restructured and streamlined the learning into distinct learning modules, with clear learning goals, transitions between modules, and overall learning outcomes more explicated weaved throughout the two days.
  • Redeveloped our key Emotional Connection strategy that helps people truly understand what gets in the way of emotional connection under pressure.  The application driven tools will help participants understand how to connect, coach, collaborate and influence in their unique work environments. We have designed a new technique that provides a much clearer step-by-step, practical formula that participants can easily put to use in their high pressure situations and relationships. Formerly the 3L’s technique, it’s now called WAV – you’ll have to come to the program to find out what that stands for.
  • Developed Standard two-day, one-day and half-day versions, with or without the EI360. Each supported with individual Facilitator Guides. We know our clients need flexibility in how they deliver our programs.
  • [Still to come in 2014] Videos that certified ELTs can use to ensure they understand how to deliver the key content points.

Sue Krautkramer, one of IHHP’s most tenured master facilitators and a key contributor to the redesign stated, “I am excited that internal trainers will now leave the certification ready to deliver a powerful learning experience, with a minimal amount of preparation. We know the demands that are placed on them and we wanted to provide them with the tools and knowledge to drive real behavior change with our EI program, without it being overwhelming. We’ve accomplished that with this new version!”

The much anticipated launch of Emotional Intelligence Version 14 to the public will be June 30th.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact your leadership consultant.

A new name

Oh, and one more thing. When you see the new program, you will notice that we changed the name.  It used to be “Emotional Intelligence for Personal Leadership”. It’s now called “Emotional Intelligence: The Science of Leadership Under Pressure”.

Why the new name? Well, you’ll be hearing lots more about this in May, but in short, research done at IHHP over the last 7 years has been exploring how to help people be their best, even in their most challenging moments – in moments of increased pressure.  This area of expertise has resulted in IHHP’s founder, Dr. JP. Pawliw-Fry, being contracted by a New York publisher to coauthor a book on “Performing Under Pressure”, due out early 2015.  Through the writing of this book it became clear that helping people perform under pressure is our core capability, which has resulted in IHHP’s global recognition for being the gold standard in leadership training.  We all know that when the pressure is on, that’s when our emotional system kicks in. Now our Emotional Intelligence program is part of an overall curriculum of programs that help leaders and organizations perform more effectively under pressure.

Look for more to come on the pressure topic next month!