Average EQ

You have slightly above average EQ – with room to grow! You are likely sensitive to the emotional climate of the people around you when you and they – peers, friends, family and key clients – are under pressure. You are aware of the effect your behavior has on others. While you may be adept at tuning into others and their needs – you must remember your own. Don’t be afraid to honestly communicate these difficult needs and feelings.  This is one of the most important aspects of Emotional Intelligence: being able to skillfully air your grievances.

Things to consider: What situations generally create pressure and stress for you? How are you handling these situations? What negative thoughts play over and over in your mind on a regular basis? Are these a true picture of reality? When you are triggered emotionally, what are some of your less effective default behaviors?  If you can learn to be more aware of when emotions are driving your behavior and stay calm in your high pressure moments, you will see a big increase in your Emotional Intelligence, which will lead to increased performance and more effective relationships – at work and at home!




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