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Here is what AMCI attendees had to say about JP’s program…

“Remains among the top 3 most impactful professional development programs I’ve experienced in 20 years!”

“Excellent! I missed another meeting to stay and hear your entire session. Thank you!”

“Great topic/very applicable to both business and family. Love the emotional intelligence topic, mindfulness & brain function. Also learned about impact and intent. Enjoyed your session very much!”


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Things to know about JP…


  • He is a New York Times bestselling author.
  • He’s a world renowned thought leader on the subject of leadership, performance and managing under pressure.
  • He gets invited back time and time again at Fortune 100 companies.
  • JP was one of the highest rated lecturers at the prestigious Kellogg School of Management’s Executive Education Program.
  • He acts as an advisor to numerous Fortune 100 companies, including long-term relationships with Johnson and Johnson, PWC, Goldman Sachs, HSBC as well as Olympic medal winning athletes.

Tell me more about the keynote…

Few organizations are immune to the pressure of disruption today. In a recent survey of 1000 CEO’s, 90% believe their businesses are being disrupted by digital business models, yet 70% do not believe they have the right skills, leaders or operating structure to adapt and drive change. Organizations and leaders are struggling to know exactly what to do, let alone take action, and it is affecting their team’s level of engagement and their ability to adapt. It doesn’t have to be this way.  After studying over 12,000 managers and leaders over 7 years, who face the pressure of disruption and change, Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry understands the critical success factors required to lead under pressure. It starts by understanding what pressure does to the brain and  then learning concrete strategies to manage disruption and lead change initiatives.

  • The drivers of the new digital economy.
  • Why most leaders are not equipped to adapt to the new realities of disruptive business.
  • How pressure and change affects your brain and your physiology.
  • The traps leaders fall into as they attempt to manage pressure.
  • Why risk and learning is critical to adapting to disruptive change.
  • Specific strategies to help a leader manage their emotions, thoughts and conversations under pressure, to lead more effectively.
  • How to take action and approach disruptive pressure with more confidence and optimism.

This program is based on the groundbreaking, New York Times bestselling book, Performing Under Pressure, The Science of Doing Your Best When It Matters Most. For this book, IHHP undertook a seven year study of more than 12,000 subjects from around the world.  We learned what the top 10% performers do to manage the pressure of disruption!

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    Why having female leaders on your team will make you more successful.