Original Publication: Smart CEO
Original Publication Date: n/a

Stress and pressure is something all CEOs are extremely familiar with, but letting pressure get to you can become a big drag on your company. What’s more, you’re probably most stressed at times of crisis, when it’s essential to keep a level head and power through.

Once you’ve nailed down the game-plan to overcome the crisis, set aside some time to manage your own pressure.

“We found that for the vast majority of people, they take a haphazard approach to pressure, which goes to say they don’t have a game plan. They don’t have a well-developed skill,” says Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry, co-author of Performing Under Pressure.

When you don’t develop this skill set, you’ve handicapped yourself, Pawliw-Fry says. When under pressure, the ability to think, retrieve memory and make decisions is limited. “If you can manage your brain under pressure well, it’s like your operating system,” he says. “And right now [under pressure], you can’t put in whatever software to be more effective.”

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