NEW – EI 360 Assessment

The EI360TM is a fully web-enabled, multi-rater tool that offers a powerful way to assess individual strengths and developmental needs in the core competencies of Emotional Intelligence.

Why EI360TM assessment and feedback?

Individuals can become so caught up in day-to-day pressures and responsibilities that they miss the cues from others that are part of ongoing feedback – over time an individual’s own view of themselves can often become narrow and biased.

IHHP’s EI assessment tools are a systematic method of collecting critical information from a range of sources in order to create a more complete, unbiased picture of individual performance, especially when people are under pressure.

Our powerful Emotional Intelligence training combined with the EI360TM assessment and follow-up coaching gives the participants the insight, time, personal attention and accountability they need in order to make real and lasting changes in their performance and leadership in both their professional and personal lives.

What Do I need to Know About the EI360TM assessment?

  1. It’s easy to complete-no more then about 10 minutes.
  2. Upon completion, the individual receives a report summarizing data so they can:
    • Gauge their level of Emotional Intelligence in all aspects of their lives;
    • Compare their self-perception with that of others (at work and at home);
    • Better understand how their behavior positively or negatively affects; performance; and
    • Be alerted to potential triggers and possible blind spots
  3. It is a very powerful method to diagnose strengths and shortcomings and help build the competencies that improve collaboration and performance.
  4. It is utilized in conjunction with our Emotional Intelligence training and/or together with one-on-one coaching.
  5. It’s an essential tool to help the participant develop their action plan and the specific competencies they need to work on.

We have made some changes to EI360TM assessment

For those of you familiar with the EI360, we have made some enhancements. Click here to see what we have been up to: 2015 New EI360 vs Current