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Jan 2017 “The Off Season, The Importance of Training Your Corporate Athlete.”

Dec 2016 Look out 2017, we are just getting started and Women Under Pressure Survey

Nov 2016 Women Under Pressure Survey – Have your voice heard

Oct 2016 Do you have the right EI to get hired?

Sept 2016 Back to school-time for adults to learn too!

Aug 2016 All about certification and why it makes sense

July 2016 Learn how to outsmart emotion, ‘A Woman Under Pressure-blog’

June 2016 Women Under Pressure, June 21 webinar presenter

May 2016 Performing Under Pressure Webinar – June 21 registration open

April 2016 Inside Quest TV, The Irony of Pressure blog and Meetings=Drain brain blog

March 2016 Performing Under Pressure: Doing Your Best When it Matters Most program

Feb 2016 The Three Conversations of Leadership version 4.0

Jan 2016 Top 6 reason to become certified

Dec 2015 Pressure survey results & EI blog

Nov 2015 Pressure survey

Oct 2015 Webinar: The Pressure of Doing More with Less

Sept 2015 Going Virtual!

Aug 2015 Manage the Pressure of Change – Meet your presenters.

July 2015 Manage the Pressure of Change – Webinar Introduction.

June 2015 Enhanced EI360, part three of building your COTE of Armour.

May 2015 How to help a pressure-cooked CEO. Part two of building your COTE of Armor.

April 2015 Official launch of Emotional Intelligence (EI) Virtual. Part one of building your COTE of Armor.

March 2015 New York Times bestselling book announcement. Introduction of the four part mini-series, “Building your COTE of Armor”.

February 2015 The high performing team-Choosing status or expertise?

January 2015 Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (EI) Virtual.

December 2014 Sneak peek including excerpt of our book Performing Under Pressure, The Science of Doing Your Best When it Matters Most.


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    A woman's brain is unique. Discover why organizations need this advantage.