Why Coaching?

“Corporations believe that coaching helps keep valuable employees, and that the dollar investment in it is far less than the cost of replacing an employee.” -David A. Thomas, Fitzhugh, Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

Participants in the Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP) programs come to understand the importance of creating new brain neural pathways to develop more constructive behaviors. Coaching is essential to this process. A Coach supports and encourages participants to “step in” during high pressure situations so new skills and competencies can be developed. This in turn makes it easier the next time a similar challenge or situation arises.

A Coach is committed to helping develop excellence in leadership coaching and performance under pressure – both in business and in life. They ensure that the skills developed will be equally as beneficial to work relationships as they are to those with family members and friends. A Coach encourages change for a life lived more fully.

How Does a Coach Help?

Our Coaches act as sounding boards and accountability partners for clients as they work on personal and professional challenges. Combining the results-based principles of our training programs with their own unique knowledge and experience, IHHP’s Executive Coaches support and help guide individuals and groups to the solutions that work best for them.

“I appreciate (the coach’s) listening ability, and willingness to work with me on the “hard” or difficult situations so I would be able to move through those quicker in the future.”

Specifically, a Coach will help individuals:

  • Leverage their strengths to sharpen their leadership skills
  • Hold themselves accountable to work and life goals, stay focused, and monitor how well they are achieving these goals
  • Learn to see situations from the perspective of others
  • Develop action plans for moving forward while anticipating and overcoming obstacles
  • Improve their ability to communicate clearly and create strong relationships
  • Develop the skills to coach others – including their children! – to improve their personal leadership skills
  • Increase their ability to handle adversity and setbacks in business (and life)
  • Learn to deal more effectively with difficult people
  • Increase opportunities for personal and professional success

Our certified coaches provide coaching on all of our leadership training and pressure management programs:

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