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Ever wonder why some people consistently outperform others when the pressure is on? Ever wonder why some organizations excel while others with amazing ideas can't get off the ground.  Ever wonder how you could do your best when you are under pressure?

We have. In fact, that's all we think about at the Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP).

IHHP is a global research and learning company that specializes in helping organizations and leaders leverage the science of performing under pressure.  We offer Training, Leadership Assessments, Coaching, Keynotes and the Performing Under Pressure book.  Our expertise is sought by Fortune 500 companies, the world’s top business schools, the U.S. Military and Olympic medalists.  We have a Canadian office in Toronto, a U.S. office in Chicago and an Australian office covering the Asia Pacific region.

And we've written a book!  Co-authored by noted psychologist Hendrie Weisinger and our own J.P. Pawliw-Fry, Performing Under Pressure is now available.


The areas of human potential in which we have developed powerful training, assessment and coaching programs include:

Performing Under Pressure: Emotional Intelligence: The Science of Leadership Under Pressure
Performing Under Pressure: Doing Your Best When it Matters Most: The Science Of Doing Your Best When It Matters Most
Performing Under Pressure: Difficult Conversations: Building Trust and Accountability

Ever try to describe your team or your company in just one word? Well we thought we’d try that little exercise as we updated our website so we could introduce ourselves in a simple summarized manner. We thought it was going to be a tough exercise. You know, trying to get a large group of people who are scattered across the globe to not only come up with the perfect word, but to all agree on it unanimously.

But we did it. That’s just how good we are. Here’s the word that best describes our team at the Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP):


We are passionate about making a difference for the clients we serve – helping them perform in the face of the pressure they face, provide learning and training to improve their performance and leadership, and make a difference in their personal lives.

Bet you’re dying to meet us now.

They say those who can’t do, should teach. We whole heartedly disagree. So here’s our leadership team who not only help us set our direction as a company, but they truly try every day to embody all that we teach about human potential. (They don’t always succeed but we’re proud of them for trying!)


Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry, Partner and Co-Founder

In 1998, JP and Elizabeth Pawliw-Fry decided to leave their previous academic and clinical careers and start IHHP. While the first few years were difficult as they focused on putting together some of the early research, training and coaching programs, today they are proud of what the IHHP team has accomplished.

Now JP spends most of his time spreading our message of human potential through keynotes and consulting and the rest of the time partnering with researchers to explore new areas of potential. To learn more, click here.


Bill Benjamin, Partner

Bill had been a friend and client of IHHP for many years, and he liked the company so much he not only joined it, but he became a partner over 10 years ago. It was his strength in sales that helped to catapult IHHP to where it is today.

Bill has a degree in Mathematics with a major in Computer Science, and is the guy we always need to “prove the facts” to in our research into human potential! (i.e., “I’m not bringing this to my clients, if you can’t prove it will help them!”) Today, besides working closely with key clients and our team of Leadership Consultants, Bill also spends his time spreading our message through keynotes and facilitation. To learn more, click here.


Cranla Warren, VP Leadership Development

Cranla joined the Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP) in December 2009, first contributing as a Director and now as Vice President of Leadership Development. She has a wealth of knowledge and professional experience in the areas of organizational psychology, team building, leadership development and strategic business execution. Cranla holds a Professional Certificate in Leadership from the University of Western Ontario, Canada.

Prior to joining our team, Cranla worked at Eli Lilly Canada Inc., where she honed her strategic business skills and leadership capabilities in their Continuing Medical Education and Sales divisions. Cranla understands the needs of our clients and has the ability to tune into their professional development and learning needs. After all, Cranla was in fact an IHHP client before she joined our IHHP Family.


Elizabeth Pawliw-Fry, Director and Co-Founder

Elizabeth is one of the co-founders of IHHP who currently sits on our Board of Directors in an advisory role. For over 15 years, Elizabeth has researched, developed and delivered leadership training programs to a wide range of audiences including educators, business organizations and young women. Her humor, warmth, intelligence and compassion make her an engaging and enlightening motivational speaker. Prior to her work at IHHP, Elizabeth researched and managed projects for the federal and provincial governments, the University of Toronto and other nongovernmental agencies. Her training includes the University of Waterloo and the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto.


Michael J. Boydell, Director

Mike joined the IHHP Board of Directors in an advisory role in 2010 to assist the founders and leaders with building a strategy for growing IHHP so they could bring their message to more people. He has worked with hundreds of executives and their teams to help grow their businesses. Mike understands executives, because he has walked in their shoes, lived the highs and lows, reward and challenge of organizational leadership. His first-hand experience in senior leadership roles include public and privately owned, growth-driven multinationals including Yahoo!, HotJobs.com, Ernst & Young and MICA International. He is an experienced Board member with expertise in strategic planning and executive talent governance.

For more information go to www.boydellinc.com.

sara bio

Sara J. Ross, Vice President, Head of Innovation, Research and Training

After hearing that the Institute for Health and Human Potential was a “perfect match” for Sara’s passion and expertise, she joined the team in December 2009. As a Vice President here at IHHP, Sara leads the strategic direction of the Innovation Division in the research and development of our “Pressure” programs, assessments and leadership products. Heading up the training arm, Sara is also responsible for our Enterprise Licence Program, serving as the Lead Master Certifying Practitioner in our flagship program, Performing Under Pressure: Emotional Intelligence, as well as Performing Under Pressure: Difficult Conversations, and the Performing under Pressure program: Doing Your Best When it Matters Most and associated assessments.

Sara has a Master’s of Science (MSc.) from the University of Waterloo, is a CFI-trained Performance Coach and has certifications in Organizational Development, Integrative Solution Thinking Methodology, Practical Process Improvement Methodology, and is a Language and Behavioral (LAB) Profiling Coach & Consultant. It is this expertise that has her quickly becoming the highest rated and sought after “Performing Under Pressure” practitioner in North America.


Dany Spencer, Senior Director, Operations and Communication

Dany joined IHHP in April of 2011 first as Operations and Speaker Bureau Manager, then as Director of Operations and Communication and now as part of our Leadership Team as Senior Director of Operations and Communication.  Dany holds several professional certifications in Instructional Design and training and brings over 17 years of experience developing blended adult learning programs in sales and personal development.  Dany oversees IHHP’s day-to-day operations supporting the scalable growth of the organization.  Her ability to take complex concepts and dissect them into actionable chunks makes Dany a true strategist with a keen ability to implement multifaceted projects and company initiatives.



Christie Higho, Director of Client Services & Corporate Programs

Why Contact? If you’re already a client and running internal programs at your corporation, you’ve probably already met Christie and/or someone from her team. And just in case you’ve lost her contact information, here you go…

Contact Christie at christie.higho@ihhp.com


Ann Gibson, Speaker Bureau & Public Program Manager

Why Contact? If you’re already a client who will be attending an upcoming Open Public Program OR if you’ve recently booked a keynote speaker with us then you’ve probably already met Ann. Ann also manages our speaker bureau relations. But just in case you’ve forgotten her details….

Contact Ann at ann.gibson@ihhp.com



sara bio

Sara J. Ross, Vice President – Head of Innovation, Research and Training at IHHP

In a world where pressure pervades all aspects of our lives, Sara Ross is a uniquely skilled in helping people and organizations build their “pressure tolerance”.

As a Vice President and Head of the Innovation, Research and Training division at the Institute for Health and Human Potential, a global research and learning firm, Sara’s approach and expertise has her quickly becoming the highest rated and sought after “Performing Under Pressure” practitioner in North America.  Sara has challenged and supported leaders of Fortune 500 companies as well as educational leaders from Harvard Business School, the NBA team The Orlando Magic, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Xerox to be their best even in the most difficult pressure-filled situations; a skill proving to be a distinct advantage in today’s world.

With her trademark balance of energy and passion Sara personally connects with her audience whether with an intimate group of ten, or a room of a thousand. She inspires leaders and their people to take personal accountability for their performance by translating the complex science of pressure into simple actionable strategies to be put into practice immediately.

Sara has a Master’s of Science (MSc.) from the University of Waterloo, is a CFI-trained Performance Coach and is IHHP’s Master Certifying Practitioner in the “Performing under Pressure” curriculum and assessments.

Sue Krautkramer, Facilitator, Program Designer

Sue brings a powerful package of expertise to her lead facilitator role at the institute for health and human potential that includes practical business experience in management and sales, 16 years of facilitating for Fortune 500 companies, program design and development, mentoring and being a life-long learner. Her most recent role was as President of Eagle’s Flight, an experiential learning design company.

Her unique brand of facilitating combines common sense, academic knowledge, practical application, a passion for people and a drive to create results. She has worked with groups of 6 executives, needing truth and direction, to 450 sales people at a conference. She has worked in almost every state in the U.S. as well as Brazil, Korea, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, France, Spain, Ireland, Panama, Egypt and Bulgaria. Sue has worked with companies like Marriott, Wells Fargo, Disney, ESPN, Benjamin Moore, J Crew, & Verison. Sue did her undergraduate work at Arizona State University. She has a Masters degree in Human Development, and another in Counselling.


Michael Bell, Facilitator, Director – Asia-Pacific Office

Michael joined IHHP in 2005 following a 15 year career in the pharmaceutical industry where he held a number of key leadership roles in some of the most successful and recognizable companies in the business. Since joining, he has focused his attention on studying the impact of Emotional Intelligence on performance, leadership and organizational change. He has delivered leadership programs to a wide cross-section of industries and professions – from Pharma & Education to Accounting & Financial Services – throughout North America and Australia.

As our Director, Asia Pacific., he works directly with OD, HR and training teams within client organizations to tailor programs that deliver behavioral change in-line with the cultural vision of the organization and unique needs of each individual. Specifically focusing on the Pharmaceutical Industry

As a facilitator, Michael’s leadership experience, passion, sense of humour and connection with his audience is coupled with a sound scientific background and in-depth understanding of the subject matter and human physiology. The result: credibility, relevance and engagement.


Chris Olex, Facilitator

Chris is a Corporate Trainer and Facilitator specializing in team and personal development. She has devoted her entire career to the development of human potential. Chris holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology focusing in Organizational Behavior and Leadership.

Relying on experience gained from all levels of the training process — from customer management to delivery and evaluation — she works in partnership with a wide range of clients and organizations all over the globe to design, develop, and deliver professional programs from 5 people to 500. Her infectious energy and relentless inquiry push participants to want to learn more. Chris is passionate about self-learning and uses a variety of tools to help her participants do just that.

Throughout her career, Chris has partnered with training companies like the institute for health and human potential to deliver powerful team programs, and her international client list includes: Pfizer, Deloitte, Novartis, Fidelity, Columbia Executive Education Center, McKinsey & Company, and Boston Consulting Group.


Peter Taylor, Facilitator

Peter has been fascinated with emotional intelligence since first learning of the term in the mid-nineties. In addition to helping organizations striving to excel to adopt emotional intelligence as their operating system, he has witnessed many individuals become much better at performing under pressure by utilizing this information and the associated strategies.

Since becoming associated with IHHP in 2002, Peter has worked with both IHHP and his own clients to increase the use of emotional intelligence as an operating system for clients dealing with professional and personal challenges. Through leading programs and his coaching, Peter has assisted many leaders and individuals to reach a higher level of performance.

Peter brings vast facilitation experience. Among his favourite projects was developing a Facilitator Bootcamp for KPMG. He then took the program around the globe and equipped technically competent people to pass on their knowledge to others. In the course of his travels, he was able to use his knowledge of emotional intelligence in many different linguistic and cultural settings.

Peter has his CHRP and CTDP designations and an Honours Bachelor of Commerce and a Masters of Human Resource Development. His previous business experience includes human resources management in automotive manufacturing, machine tools and yacht building as well as five years on the faculty of Durham College. Prior to going into private practice, Peter was the president of a retail computer training company.


Jo-Ann Pawliw, Certified Coach and Facilitator

Jo-Ann Pawliw brings a winning combination of skill, education and experience to her role as a facilitator and coach. For more than twenty years, she has lead, developed and inspired individuals and organizations in the oil and gas sector, non-profit organizations, and schools.

Jo-Ann holds coaching certification from the Emotional Fitness Institute and is also a certified mediator from the Pulse Institute. She is an accredited trainer in Emotional Intelligence for Personal Leadership, Three Conversations of Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Coaching. Finally, she is a licensed HeartMath Provider and completed the Building Resilience training program at Harvard Medical School’s Continuing Education Department. Jo-Ann also holds degrees from the University of Toronto and McMaster University.

Jo-Ann’s passionate, engaging, and highly motivating style captivates audiences and keeps them inspired. Her strong personal belief in the subject matter compels individuals and organizations to be their best.

Joelle Hadley

Joelle Hadley, Facilitator

Joelle Hadley is founder of the boutique management consulting firm The Culture Coaches and The Southwest Institute for Emotional Intelligence.

In Joelle’s previous business experience she learned quickly that emotional intelligence and building culture is vital to the success of an organization and an individual. She is a certified Enterprise Licensed Trainer for IHHP and is equipped with real-world experience around inspiring results and the potential of people.

She’s the former Publisher of The Phoenix Business Journal and holds a degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri. She has 21 years of sales, marketing and publishing experience. Joelle’s style is energetic, engaging, creative and interactive.

She has special expertise in communication skills and has inspired thousands across the country with her keynotes, workshops and coaching centered on corporate culture, leadership, life balance and personal excellence.

And There’s More

We do have a number of other Accredited Facilitators available in order to meet your needs and timelines. Contact your Leadership Consultant today or e-mail us at info@ihhp.com. We’ll be happy to help you find the right facilitator (or more) to meet your needs,


John Doan, Lead Coach

John directs all aspects of the corporate coaching services and oversees all of IHHP’s Coaching personnel. He has coached corporate clients all over the world. He is a member of the International Coaches Federation and has earned the designations of Organizations Relationship Systems Certified Coach (ORSCC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Certified Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC) as well as being a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). He is also a consulting Executive and Team Coach for the EMBA Program at Western University as well as volunteer faculty for the Leadership Waterloo Region Community Leadership Program and associate faculty for The Center for Right Relationship.

He brings a unique set of skills and experience from the fields of human development and health care. In his coaching practice, he works with individuals, teams and groups to enable people to sharpen their leadership and communication skills through intentional, authentic relationships grounded in Emotional Intelligence and using a system-based approach.

Lisa Garber, Coach

Lisa was one of IHHP’s and Canada’s first professional coaches and is known internationally! Lisa’s ability to help her clients take their leadership to the next level by applying EQ concepts and strategies has made her a highly sought-after Executive coach.

Lisa also holds a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of Toronto and is a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). She is also a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC).


Sharon Lewis, Coach

Sharon helps executives, managers and teams from around the world to sharpen their leadership skills and become high performers. She is accredited through the International Coaches Federation, Team Coaching International and The Leadership Circle. By leveraging the concepts of Emotional Intelligence, Sharon’s results-based coaching style helps leaders learn to face change head-on, communicate more clearly and deal more effectively with challenging situations and people.

Sharon’s extensive business experience – including sectors as diverse as Construction Management, Information Technology, and Team and Leadership Development – makes her invaluable as an executive coach.


Peter Taylor, Coach & Facilitator
Peter works with individuals and organizations committed to fully utilizing their technical capabilities. He has coached individuals and teams around the world and discovered that the vast majority of coachees want to become more effective.

Peter’s challenge is to support his clients as they gain competence in their ability to interact even more productively with others. Once they begin to see the impact of incorporating emotional intelligence as their operating system, their confidence grows and they can go on without a coach…

Prior to founding his consulting practice in 1984, Peter gained extensive firsthand experience in manufacturing in Ontario and Quebec. He also led a retail computer training company with twenty-four sites across Ontario. He is a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) and a Certified Training & Development Professional (CTDP).


Michael Bell, Coach & Facilitator

As IHHP’s Director Asia Pacific, Michael has been delivering our keynotes, workshops and executive coaching to clients from a wide cross-section of industries throughout the region – from Manufacturing & Mining, to Accounting & Financial Services; from Pharmaceuticals & Health Care, to Education & Hospitality. He has delivered over 2,500 hours of Executive coaching to more than 600 clients throughout Asia Pacific and is recognized as one of the most experienced and sought after EI coaches in the region.  His passion lies with helping clients ‘apply’ what they learn in our workshops.  As he says, “learning what we should do is helpful; learning how to consistently apply that knowledge is transformational.”  This is what Michael delivers and what set’s his coaching apart.


And There’s More

We do have a number of other affiliated coaches available in order to meet your needs and timelines. Contact your Leadership Consultant today or e-mail us at info@ihhp.com. We’ll be happy to help you find the right coach or facilitator (or more) to meet your needs.

Our training and development programs provide you with science based insight and practical techniques that will help you achieve your business and personal goals. IHHP’s mission is to be a world-class leadership training company dedicated to educating and empowering leaders at all levels within the organizations to be their best when it matters most.
Many of our clients know us from our beginnings in the realm of Emotional Intelligence training. We began helping people understand the importance of managing emotions and providing tools and skills in our training programs back in 1996. Today, we have trained over 40,000 people in 75 countries in our emotional intelligence training programs. Over 12,000 people have been through our EI360 assessment and we’ve studied over 200,000 in our research center. This led us to realize that, all along, our work has been about helping people deal with pressure. As an Emotional Intelligence Training Company, our focus was the pressure people feel when they are triggered emotionally. Now we have expanded to help people deal with pressure during difficult conversations by helping them build reputations that give them influence and allow them to drive change. Our book “Performing Under Pressure” is available through ITunes, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.