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Leadership Training Programs
Leading is not easy. Most people don’t have the natural skills to be effective leaders. Too often, Leadership training is looked at as being soft and squishy. That’s why our Leadership and Emotional Intelligence training programs are based on research and the science of human behavior. Understanding how your brain responds under pressure and learning techniques to react more skillfully in your critical moments will allow you to increase your performance and leadership – and be your best when it matters most!

A single program is not enough – no matter how great it is. The following is a full curriculum of training programs that build on each other. Only by creating a sustained learning curriculum over time, can real behavior change occur.

Leadership Training Curriculum:

Emotional Intelligence Training
managing emotions to increase performance and leadership

The Three Conversations of Leadership
having conversations that drive results and strengthen relationships

Leadership Reputation
how to influence and get things done in a matrix organization

These programs combine our 15 years of experience working with Olympic athletes, U.S. Army Commanders, Fortune 500 companies, along with our research on over 110,000 high performers around the world. We have continuously improved and perfected our leadership training programs to provide only the most effective learning experiences.

The Audiences

All of our programs are designed to develop every person regardless of the level within their organization. Depending on your needs and who you need to develop in your organization, our programs are flexible and can be tailored accordingly so it will have the best results based on your audience, demographics and your objectives. Whether through on-site training or virtual classes, our leadership training programs work!

There are many different options and approaches for delivering our training programs that will enable your continued growth as a leader.

Our programs are delivered to:

  • Senior Leadership Teams
  • Front Line to Mid-Level Managers
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Sales leaders and Sales managers
  • Individual Contributors
  • New Leaders / New Employees
Public Programs

5/6/2014 » 5/7/2014
Toronto Public Program -Emotional Intelligence - The Science of Leadership Under Pressure

5/6/2014 » 5/9/2014
Facilitator Certification - Emotional Intelligence - The Science of Leadership Under Pressure

Toronto Public Program - Conversations Under Pressure

9/9/2014 » 9/10/2014
Toronto Public Program -Emotional Intelligence - The Science of Leadership Under Pressure

9/23/2014 » 9/24/2014
Ottawa Public Program -Emotional Intelligence - The Science of Leadership Under Pressure