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Curiosity Didn't Kill a Cat, It Built a Company

Ever wonder why some people consistently outperform others in work, sports, music, arts. . . life? Ever wonder why some organizations get it and skyrocket while others with amazing ideas can't even get off the ground? Or worse, got off the ground only to publicly explode before reaching full peak performance? Ever wonder how you could tap into that power of performance and achieve all your goals in life and in business?

Institute for Leadership Development & Research – IHHP

We have. In fact, that's all we think about at the Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP)

We're a curious bunch. We love to question, explore, test, play, re-test, and then we especially love to share what we find in order to help people and organizations be their best when it matters most.

Since 1996, we've been tapping into the best evidence-based research we can find about performance and human potential. We uncover the nuggets that we believe are worth exploring, developing and sharing. Then we study it even further (over 200,000 people have been through various parts of our assessment center) to help us develop not only clear language to understand the research, but tools and practical activities that help people and organizations apply what we learn.

The areas of human potential we have developed deep expertise in include:

Emotional Intelligence
  • We've uncovered and proven the 11 key competencies to emotional intelligence and built an intense curriculum around understanding and developing these competencies
  • No doubt you've heard, your emotional intelligence (EQ) is the key to peak performer's success...not IQ or technical skills (Learn more
Three Conversations of Leadership
  • Like it or not, humans are social animals. No person or organization can grow without conversation. Fortunately, or unfortunately, it's those conversations that can make or break relationships, engage or disengage employees, and skyrocket or crash whole organizations
  • We've proven there are three key conversations that need to be practiced and perfected (Learn more)
Leadership Reputation
  • Our newest evidence-based research and training program
  • In 2011, we completed a 7-year study on leaders in all levels of organizations who always outperformed their colleagues. We have filtered it down to 10 key attributes and how we use those attributes to approach or avoid difficult situations
  • Our newest curriculum explores how your external reputation (which takes years to develop and minutes to destroy) is developed and affected by your own internal reputation and your ability to develop these 10 key attributes. We call it the balancing of your heart and your edge (Learn more)
Our training and development programs, provide you with science based insight and practical techniques that will help you achieve your goals in your personal and professional life. IHHP’s mission is to be a world-class leadership training institution dedicated to educating and empowering leaders to be their best when it matters most.

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Public Programs

5/6/2014 » 5/7/2014
Toronto Public Program -Emotional Intelligence - The Science of Leadership Under Pressure

5/6/2014 » 5/9/2014
Facilitator Certification - Emotional Intelligence - The Science of Leadership Under Pressure

Toronto Public Program - Conversations Under Pressure

9/9/2014 » 9/10/2014
Toronto Public Program -Emotional Intelligence - The Science of Leadership Under Pressure

9/23/2014 » 9/24/2014
Ottawa Public Program -Emotional Intelligence - The Science of Leadership Under Pressure